The Garden

Against her ankles as she trod The lucky buttercups did nod.
Jean Ingelow~ poet

As you can see, I don’t always use traditional images in my paintings.  In this piece, “The Garden,” original poetry plays the part of the subject and still manages to make an image in our mind.

The Garden by Lenore Corey


What I love about making poetry paintings is that they are full of symbols.

Sky is easily represented by the color blue, patches of ground in burnt sienna, and growth in a spring-like green … in this case the paint color is actually called malachite green, just like the stone.

The word garden, itself, can be thought of as a literal flower garden, a vegetable garden, or even a rock garden. OR, it can mean the garden within yourself, the place where you go to reflect, take refuge.  

I know what a garden means to me, and more than likely a garden brings images and thoughts to your mind that are unique to you. The viewer takes the meaning that speaks to them. I like that! 


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