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Listening to Yourself

The unknown. It really does create a mess of anxiety. What if? What if I don’t? Should I? What will happen if I do? Then what? And then comes the big *SIGH*  And. then. nothing.

Thinking about taking a really big leap, or jumping off the cliff that is only in our head? Like a move to a place you know nothing about, or going back to school when it seems like it could be too late? Staying in a job you absolutely despise? Following the crowd for security, stability, and acceptance, because it might be the “thing” to do?

Will I lose friends or family if I take the road less traveled?

Friends, possibly.

Family, very unlikely.

Will I make it?

Most definitely.

These are some of the crossroads I’ve come to, (and some I won’t mention), and the decisions that followed.

Snowstorm by Lenore Corey

The most recent leap I made was to leave teaching AND leave an art community where there are some kindred spirits. So, ok, two big leaps.

With teaching, I grew less and less enamored. I still teach a little, but more on my terms, less stressful atmosphere and a schedule that fits into my life, in a more natural way. And it’s fun!

As for leaving an established art community, it was time.   I desperately needed to create a space just for me. I don’t thrive in crowds and groups, and I’ve always known this. BUT, to strike out on my own? … too scary I thought. It actually took me two years to make this leap, and it was with a blindfold … or so I thought.

What I found was that I had been subconsciously making plans for years. So when I left everything behind, all the new fell into place pretty rapidly.  The immediate effect was relief, the weight was lifted.  The smile returned to my face. Affirmation.

Why did I wait so long? Fear. Plain and simple.

There is no doubt that there are and will be obstacles ahead. But I welcome them now.

And, I’ve learned to stop and ask myself two specific questions when I feel overwhelmed:

  • How is this affecting my health?
  • How is my attitude affecting the people I love?

If the answer is negatively, I start to make plans to reroute.

How do you handle the big “Should I(‘s)?”

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