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Why Did I Paint an Artichoke?


Artichokes are not just for dips, (but my favorite is a recipe called Warm Artichoke and Bacon Dip, and oh my)!


Artichoke by Lenore Corey


Not the friendliest of veggies, with the pointy sharp tips like tiny swords that hide at the end of their leaves.  And, they just kind of sit there in this uncomfortable unbalanced pose. They don’t lay like broccoli, or roll like an onion. Awkward.

But I LOVE them! I love them enough to just let them live in my fridge and not even eat them. I just like knowing they’re part of my veggie food group.

Artichokes are very substantial looking veggies, really.Those overlapping sturdy leaves are like armor. And, they have the look of a bursting fullness, like a dress worn by the 17th century Queen.

… and so, when artichokes were in season, I took myself to the store.

I skirted around the produce section until I stopped right in front of the artichoke bin, hoping that no one was around. I didn’t want to look like an artichoke stalker. I furtively looked for the one that was the right green with the little bit of lovely purple at the edge of the leaves…and the one that said, I’m your model for your painting. Take me home.


I scooped it up and headed straight to the cash register, out the door, and to the studio where the gazing, drawing, and painting began.



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