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Are You a Little Curious About Silk Screening?

Before I got too involved with painting today I tried to organize a few neglected things, sketchbooks, loose sketches, things that needed a home.  I found one stray sketchbook that had been moved a few months ago from a hiding place in my old studio to a hiding place in my house, and then to another hiding place in the new studio. I knew I just had to take charge and end its nomadic life, but not before I flipped through the pages to find this long forgotten heart- tree cutout.

I’m currently using it for a possible Sketchbook Journal cover, but the cut out was originally meant for a silk screen project for some notecards. I was learning the printing process at the time and after successfully printing on clothing, I wanted to try printing on notecards.

What I remember most about the printing process is that it’s FUN, it’s physical, there are a few steps to accomplish before the actual printing takes place, and that I got soaked… thankfully it was summer!

The supply list includes:

  • Acetate transparency to transfer your design … a printer comes in handy for this

  • Photo sensitive emulsion

  • Screen

  • Ink

  • Material to be printed, i.e. clothing, card stock, Bristol paper

  • Squeegee

  • Sink/hose for rinsing screen

If you’re a little bit curious, the complete supply list and process is here in this link  How to Silkscreen

Here’s a super cool video on the  process via The Andy Warhol Museum.

And, just when I thought I’d never screen print again, I watch this video and…

**Video link will take you to youtube for viewing

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