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Listening to Yourself

The unknown. It really does create a mess of anxiety. What if? What if I don’t? Should I? What will happen if I do? Then what? And then comes the big *SIGH*  And. then. nothing.

Thinking about taking a really big leap, or jumping off the cliff that is only in our head? Like a move to a place you know nothing about, or going back to school when it seems like it could be too late? Staying in a job you absolutely despise? Following the crowd for security, stability, and acceptance, because it might be the “thing” to do?

Will I lose friends or family if I take the road less traveled?

Friends, possibly.

Family, very unlikely.

Will I make it?

Most definitely.

These are some of the crossroads I’ve come to, (and some I won’t mention), and the decisions that followed.

Snowstorm by Lenore Corey

The most recent leap I made was to leave teaching AND leave an art community where there are some kindred spirits. So, ok, two big leaps.

With teaching, I grew less and less enamored. I still teach a little, but more on my terms, less stressful atmosphere and a schedule that fits into my life, in a more natural way. And it’s fun!

As for leaving an established art community, it was time.   I desperately needed to create a space just for me. I don’t thrive in crowds and groups, and I’ve always known this. BUT, to strike out on my own? … too scary I thought. It actually took me two years to make this leap, and it was with a blindfold … or so I thought.

What I found was that I had been subconsciously making plans for years. So when I left everything behind, all the new fell into place pretty rapidly.  The immediate effect was relief, the weight was lifted.  The smile returned to my face. Affirmation.

Why did I wait so long? Fear. Plain and simple.

There is no doubt that there are and will be obstacles ahead. But I welcome them now.

And, I’ve learned to stop and ask myself two specific questions when I feel overwhelmed:

  • How is this affecting my health?
  • How is my attitude affecting the people I love?

If the answer is negatively, I start to make plans to reroute.

How do you handle the big “Should I(‘s)?”

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The Garden

Against her ankles as she trod The lucky buttercups did nod. Jean Ingelow~ poet As you can see, I don’t always use traditional images in my paintings.  In this piece, “The Garden,” original poetry plays the part of the subject and still manages to make an image in our mind.   What I love about making poetry paintings… Continue Reading