30 Days of Red Yellow Blue

I came across Alice Sheridan’s Blog (link) 30 Days and this was a bit of good luck for me. I recently moved out of my third floor art studio situated within a community of artists. I’d been there for three years.  A few months ago I took a risk, went solo and set up a studio on my property. With all the scrambling and the… Continue Reading

The Legendary Blank Page

It seems to be a ritual, to stare, for a long while, at the first blank page of a NEW journal.  I buy a journal and then  …  “How do I fill page one??” You know, that one page that sets the tone for all the other pages.  The ritual begins: Put the journal down. Pick it back… Continue Reading

New Year 2016

New paints I am so excited to welcome YOU to my site. YOU will find more than ART, as I am passionate about more than ONE thing! HERE YOU CAN READ ABOUT BOOKS: Authors. Poetry. HOME: Family. Cooking. Traditions. Vintage. DIY: Candle Making. Knitting. Sewing. WELLNESS AND NUTRITION: Fitness. Yoga. Outdoors. Homemade Skincare.  IN OTHER WORDS: Current Thinking. News. This could… Continue Reading