Profile Pic LMI was born in Scranton (a city in Northeastern, PA). My earliest memory of anything art related was to a floor-model weaving loom my Grandmother operated to make textiles. Coming from Poland, she didn’t speak very good English, but talking proved to be secondary for communicating, as everything she did was a visual feast, including the Morning Glories in the flower garden, every dress and pattern she made and everything she knitted. I think if I inherited anything from her, it was the love of working and creating with my hands.

As a child, I was a bit on the quiet side. I loved and still love to be outdoors. I did not paint a lot at that time, but I could be found drawing and taking pictures; I went everywhere with my little camera, it was a way for a quiet girl to escape and to communicate without speaking.

I started drawing like many kids still do today, with comic strip characters. Mine was Charlie Brown. I was too young to know about different art mediums, or about art itself, but at some point, I saw an adult using a paintbrush and painting a picture. Instinctively, I wanted to do this.

Circumstances did not permit me to attend art school when I graduated high school, but I always did something to satisfy my creative needs. When I did get to take studio courses, I tried every medium I could fit into my schedule. It was at that time I decided to try painting. Because life was split in such a way, I could only manage to practice at irregular times, so I focused on one medium, oil painting. Oil painting proved to be a challenge then, (and happily continues to be that).

I was fascinated with the paintings of Vermeer, Botticelli, the emotion of van Gogh, the psychology of Degas, and the culture phenomenon of Andy Warhol with his grasp on a generation’s movement. They are the artists, and things that fascinate and still inspire me the most. But, my greatest source of inspiration, is always my love of being outdoors –places, remembered feelings, fragrances, the music and culture I grew up with.

Another group of my works is inspired by my love of books, dreams, and writing poetry: The Waiting Room, The Test, Snowstorm, Big Sur, The Fate of Flowers, The Girl with a Crown of Flowers, The Garden. My visits to the ocean also became inspiring: Protection from the Sea, Midnight Sea.